The Story So Far

Collage Shop India has been a place of pride & growth. I have enjoyed how this place has come into its own. The narrative has often changed from a little confused at the onset to a defined destination store. We house clothes and accessories that are formal, festive, casual, elegant and bohemian, each of these looks are curated and have their section. I believe I must represent moods that I identify myself with.

The Home Section is relatively new. It’s filled with things that warm up a living space from furniture, carpets, home accessories & many more delectables.

This website is about our pick of designers. All details are available on enquiry.

This is done to mark our place on the digital platform, just like you browse in a store and ask who the designer is, we hope this will interest you to do the same. Online for me is what nightmares are made of, I am a complete offline person, an avid social media shunner. My young & talented team of girls & boys do not let me soak in my thoughts where I luxuriate in my world of no digital media. This is their work & I now re-enter, having not got it right after a couple of attempts.

I am still trying …...